adriana suriano
2 min readMay 7, 2021

-- for dad- day 2

i don’t think my dad wanted to hurt my feelings about talking about the women he loved before meeting my mom. he just wanted to remember his life before it got hard. complicated. before my mother forced him to move to the united states to follow her family. he left all of his family behind. he never forgave her for the 50 years he spent away from his family. his village on the mountain. near the sea. giving his career away to come to the united states to be a laborer. where he wore a navy uniform with his name misspelled on his chest.

my dad had 2 matches today. i didn’t really know what to do. i mean, what the fuck i am doing. my mother was the love of my life. my best friend. when i sat next to her cheek to cheek, any of my self-destructive ways just left me. she was my compass leading me to do what was right. never letting me stray too close to complete self-destruction.

i was honest.

“my name is Adriana. i am Carmine’s daughter. he’s not great with technology. would you like to call him?”

my husband saw that and smiled.

“honey, they are going to think you are a catfish.”

ugh. he’s right. what a terrible response. i hope it didn’t ruin my father’s chance to be happy. happiness he has not had in decades.

“honey, next time just pretend you are your dad.”

this is fucking hard work.

okay. i am going to pretend to be my dad.


that is what my father would say. hello. he doesn’t say much.

“honey, i think you might need to say more than hello.”


“hello. how are you? ~Carmine.



adriana suriano

i am a first generation italian-american who grew up in southern new jersey. Life is amazingly beautiful and devastating. Sometimes in the same day.