I think about how I want to react to things. You would think with a vile president, a global health pandemic, and how racial inequity and injustice is taking its important place in our consciousness we wouldn’t even spend a moment reacting to anything else. Instead I ask myself, should I fight this or just retreat? Fight. Or flight. Work issues; Sadly I learned flight. Family shit; Complete flight. Friends; Definitely flight. I don’t think I have much fight left in me. So much feels so heavy. Can you twenty somethings help us forty somethings out? These impressive chickadees, as I like to call them, don’t seem to put up with much. If they need to fight. They fight. If they walk away, it’s because the other person is wrong. No energy wasted. I want to learn from these young women. How do i get a group together and fight? And not think it’s ever my fault when I walk away.